Get to Know Our Team


Project Manager • Graphic Designer

I’ve always had a huge passion for animals and dreamed of working in the pet industry when I was a child. Here at Aeslin, I initially started as a dog handler, but from the start, I always wanted to use my artistic skillset to help develop the companies brand and future projects. In the future, I want to use my art to inspire and improve the lives of both pets and their owners. 

Outside of work, I am a college student working towards my degree in fine arts. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, but recently, I’ve become very passionate about technological based work. I enjoy exploring creative coding, game design, robotics, sound, and virtual reality through my studies. I also have a huge passion for growing plants!

If I could be any breed of dog, I would choose to be a Bernese Mountain Dog. After working as a dog handler my passion for this breed has only grown more. While I have my spurts of energy, I can also be very relax and collected. Also, their goofy and outgoing personalities fit perfectly with my own. Most importantly, Bernese Mountain Dogs always make me laugh, which I try to do with those around me.

work with dogs team member black lab mix at bucktown


Noble Square AM Operations Lead

My entire life I have always owned multiple dogs at one time. Most of my dogs have been rescues that have brought me a lot of joy and happiness. Between making regular food, blanket and newspaper donations to local dog shelters and currently the happy owner of four rescues, I knew I wanted to work with dogs. They are truly awesome! 

Outside of work, I love live music, anything outdoors and hanging with my dogs. 

If I could be any breed of dog, I would be a Cane Corso. I truly feel they are gentle giants that are often misunderstood because of their looks and size.

work with dogs team member with curly haired dog


Noble Square PM Operations Lead

I have had dogs my entire life, so I know the comfort they bring us. The best feeling in the world is to come home and be greeted by a dog. They are such big sweet babies that I absolutely adore. When I first learned about Aeslin, I was drawn to Aeslin’s goal and message to always put the dog first, so I wanted to be a part of it. 

When I’m not at Aeslin, I’m a college student. With a busy life, I’m either at school or at home doing homework. Outside of that, I love watching movies and reading books that aren’t required for school! 

If I could be any dog breed, I would be a Cocker Spaniel. They’re incredibly loyal to their pack, affectionate, and love to be around people. They also have long, wavy hair, just like me!


Bucktown AM Operations Lead

From childhood I’ve always wanted to be around dogs! It started from reading Clifford the Big Red Dog books at the library and me wanting to care and learn as much as possible about dogs. Lastly dogs are the light of my life and always bring me so much joy.

Outside of work I love to collect vintage Bambi Memorabilia and vintage Bulldog statues, Sewing clothes for my family and my pups and Fostering dogs not ready for adoption to give them the best chance at finding the perfect fur-ever home.

If I could be any dog I’d totally be a English Bulldog and live my best life playing for 5 mins and sleeping for hours. Who could resist smooshing there cutie faces?!

work with dogs member with lab mix dog


Bucktown PM Operations Lead

I chose to work with dogs because I wanted to do work that has a meaningful impact in my community — work that makes a difference in the lives of dogs and owners alike. 

Outside of work, I perform standup comedy, write, and re-watch The Sopranos over and over. On weekends, you can catch me buried in a book or taking a class at The Second City.

I definitely identify most with the Rough Collie because they have large personalities and loads of moxie! They’re quick-witted, spunky, fun and intelligent in equal measure.


Pet Stylist

I decided to work with dogs because their good nature is what motivates me to be a better groomer and person. Getting to know each pup and having them trust me is my goal everyday at work. I’m so lucky to work with dogs and people who love dogs just as much as I do. Every day working with dogs is rewarding for me. Even the challenging days are an opportunity to learn.

Outside of work I really love to garden! It’s fun and therapeutic for me. I enjoy watching the process from seed to plant and taking photos during the different growth cycles. I enjoy running and try to fit in a jog or a quick run throughout my day. I especially like running on nature trails.

If I could be any dog I would probably be a greyhound. Although they can have spurts of energy and are fast they can also be couch potatoes which I can seriously relate to. Greyhounds are also affectionate, even-tempered, intelligent, athletic and quiet. It’s a gentle and kind breed which is what I would want to be as a dog.


Dog Handler

Growing up with dogs made it easy to appreciate the different characters and mannerisms unique to each dog. As this appreciation grew, it became more apparent that I wanted to work with dogs. With each dog being a beloved member of the family, Aeslins philosophy on dog care aligned perfectly with my own. This made it the perfect fit to provide holistic and quality care to dogs, which is lacking in so many other care facilities.  

Outside of work, I am a student studying neuroscience. I enjoy exploring new places and trying new restaurants throughout the city. Additionally, I love to run and participate in races. My favorite race thus far has been the Quad Cities Marathon due to the beautiful views of the river throughout the course. 

If I were to align myself with any dog breed, I would choose the Greyhound. They are even tempered, athletic and gentle in nature. 


Bucktown FOH • Retail Associate

I’ve always loved dogs. I didn’t know I was going to work in the dog industry until my current dog Milo was dumped on me when I was seventeen in high school having no knowledge about dogs. I’ve always felt a stronger connection to animals, so when this little peanut found his way to me, I knew I was going to teach myself everything I could under the sun to ensure he got to live his best life. I feel so fulfilled getting to work in this field where I am surrounded with animals for a living and in turn my little one has a new family and lots of little friends at Aeslin!

Outside of work some of my interest include working out and trying out new restaurants. I also enjoy doing fun activities with my pets Milo and Barnaby the bunny!

If I could be any breed, I would be a Belgian Malinois because they require a sufficient amount stimulation and exercise. They are working dogs which I can relate to strongly. They are strong and exceptionally smart as well as sweet. Their lifestyle isn’t suited for everyone and this breed is often misunderstood. Their living situation needs to be ideal in order for this breed to thrive.


Retail Associate

I decided I wanted to work with dogs, because whenever I look for a new career that also means looking for a fresh start. I originally started out as a retail associate in a standard grocery store, but as I grew older I gradually broadened my view. I’ve gone from working retail to factory machinery to teaching children and now to helping dog owners. I’ve had plenty of pups of my own in the past, so I’ve always had a hidden passion for them.

Outside of work I’m still generally a busy person. I mainly help run errands for my fiancé and his family, but if it’s not them, I’m lending a hand to friends. I love binge watch cartoons or Netflix series with my fiancé when we get some down time, or if I’m lucky I get to game. But not your typical Call of Duty gaming, I play RPG’s and survival skill games.

If I were to be any breed of dog, it would obviously be a Pit bull. Pit bulls were a big part of my life through my childhood and adult years. They hold a special place in my heart and they are the most lovable breed in my opinion. Plus they are pretty much tanks!


Dog Handler

I’ve always known since I was a child that I wanted to work with animals. Even as an adult, I feel as though I have a stronger connection with animals than most humans. My fondness for animals, specifically dogs, is what led me to wanting to pursue a career at Aeslin. Every day I spend here feels meaningful and I love making new, cute pup friends each and every day! Working at Aeslin continues to be a rewarding experience. 

Outside of work, I’m a college student working toward a degree in Biology with a specialty in Zoology. I love working on obtaining my education and actually get a lot of joy from studying. When not studying, I love reading, watching movies, and playing video games. I also enjoy just having a good-ole cuddle with my cats at home!

If I could pick any dog breed, I’d be a French Bulldog. They’re easygoing, playful, and little smarties. They are also a lot like me, in that they love receiving affection: are very chill and laid back, as well as a bit stubborn. Frenchie’s are one of the most charming dog breeds I’ve come across.


Dog Handler

Learning that I wanted to work with dogs started when I was younger. I grew up with multiple dogs, so even then, I knew this was something I wanted to do as long as it involved animals, not just dogs!

My main hobby outside of work is bowling. I’m a really good bowler, so if anybody would want to go bowling, please let me know I would love to anytime!

If I could be any breed of dog, I would definitely be a Pit Bull. They have a bad reputation and going off of the type of person I am, the people that don’t like Pit Bulls would have to love me.

work with dogs team member with black and white pitty dog


Dog Handler

To be able to work with dogs for a living is absolutely amazing. Dogs have such beautiful spirits and connect with us on so many different avenues of life. The fact that they can empathize with us without a voice is miraculous all in itself. To watch them grow and learn is truly a rewarding experience. Most of all, I love that dogs are resilient. Although some are abused, thrown away, or neglected, when the right person comes into their lives they still know what love is. Dogs are simply amazing!

Outside of work, I am an active member of my church committee. Hosting events while bringing people closer to God is a passion that I live for! I also enjoy writing music, painting/sketching, cooking new and exciting recipes, and have recently begun practicing the tenor saxophone. More than anything, I love to travel! To experience different cultures all around the world has been an absolute blessing! 

If I could be any breed in the world, I’d be an American Pit Bull! Pitties are the “underdog” in the dog community. They are judged by appearance and completely misunderstood. With a tough and strong exterior, they are the most caring and lovable dogs that I’ve ever encountered. Pit Bulls have a natural zest for life and are undeniably the life of the party!

Jasmine A.

Dog Handler

I knew from a very young age that I loved animals and would love to have a job where I can work with them one day. Therefore being a dog handler turned out to be the perfect match for me! I’m also interested in technology and look forward to being able to put the two together in my dream job one day.

When I’m not at work, I have a very big interest in dance and sports. I love salsa and ballet dancing, as well as watching the Los Angeles Rams play football. I also enjoy practicing coding/programming and hanging out with my cat, Catman. Aside from that, I like to play video games, workout, or cook.

If I had to choose any breed of dog to be, I think I would choose a Boxer. I think Boxers and I share a lot in common, like being goofy, enjoying naptime, and never being too serious. Plus they’re just big lovebugs, and I also enjoy making those I love happy!

Jasmine H.

Dog Handler

I decided to start working with dogs, because being around them makes me genuinely happy. I love to see all the different personalities in all the pups, because it’s a super rewarding experience and makes my heart feel full.

When I’m not with my fur friends at Aeslin, I enjoy spending time with my son, being around nature, and being creative with crochet.

If I could be any breed, I would probably be a pittie. They are full of love, loyalty and energy just like me, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first glance. They’re just a little misunderstood. 


Dog Handler

I’ve always had a love for dogs and owned dogs my entire life. This passion has only grown with time. Working with rescues in the past and owning my first rescue dog has brought happiness to my life.  My first rescued dog had behavioral issues, which made me passionate about learning and helping dogs that require extra training and exposure. Ultimately, I’m eager to make a difference in both the lives of each dog and the owner they love. 

 When I’m not at Aeslin, I love spending time with my dog and putting a smile on his face. I love to take adventures with my dog, whether it’s camping or taking a hike in the wilderness. The unconditional love from a dog makes life that much better!

If I could be any breed of dog, I would be a Pit Bull. I believe they are the most misunderstood creatures. When in reality, they’re some of the most loving and affectionate dogs that I’ve ever encountered.

work with dogs team member with two brindle dogs


Dog Handler

I decided to work with dogs because animals are my passion. I’ve been in the pet industry for about 10 years. This is more than just a job, it’s a career for me.
My hobbies outside of work include fishing, going to the zoo and watching horror movies. 
I would be an Australian shepherd because I am loyal, always eager to learn and hard working.


Dog Handler

Ever since I was little I’ve been helping my nana foster rescue dogs and I’ve always loved being able to help the dogs. Also, my dad is the owner of a service dog, which has made my interest grow even deeper as I’ve realized just how smart dogs can be! 

Other than loving dogs, in my free time I love to skateboard, sing, and write!

If I could be any breed of dog, I think I’d definitely be a Pocket PitBull. I may be small, but I’m just as strong as the big guy!


Dog Handler

As a child, I’ve always had a passion for animals. I was always around them and loved learning new things from my favorite animal shows. But to be more specific, my love for dogs blossomed from my teenage years spent as a dog walker and sitter for my neighbors.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about new dog breeds or information about any existing ones that I find. I’m also a crafter and gamer. I love to build, craft, and draw anything that comes to my mind. I play many different genre of video games, but I love adventure games the most.

If I could be any breed in the world, it would be an Australian Shepherd. Aussies are working dogs. Their dedication for training is incredible in addition to their innate ability for herding. They’re also very loyal and good with commands and most importantly of all, their silly personalities. I love all these traits in their breed.


Dog Handler

I knew I wanted to work with dogs ever since I was about ten. Growing up, I had a lot of social anxiety. My dogs were my support to get through a lot of big things in my life; relationships, school, and the loss of loved ones. I never felt alone or scared when I was around one of my dogs. Dogs are loyal to you even when you’re not always your best version of yourself to them. I wanted to work where I could give continuous love and gratitude to dogs. I feel as if they don’t get enough thanks for it.

Besides loving dogs, I also really love music. I was in a dance team in high school and in college. It really helped me with my confidence. I’m also a huge book worm and a sucker for any Colleen Hoover romance!

If I could be any dog breed, I’d say I’d be a Rottweiler. Sometimes I don’t look like I’m approachable when I’m focused or thinking to myself, but the second you speak to me, you’ll see I’m truly the biggest baby and I really love to love others!


Dog Handler

I decided I wanted to work with dogs, because I felt this job was my calling. I’ve been surrounded by animals my entire life and dogs have always been my favorite out of them all. They are so smart and loyal. Even though the dogs I’ve been around weren’t personally mine, I always helped walk them, teach them tricks, and play outside with them. I loved doing that. I also always felt I worked better with dogs. They bring peace and love to my life. That being said, I wanted to surround myself with that essence all the time. 

Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family, friends, and of course my dog and cat. I love to listen to music as well as read and play video games. I recently took on a new hobby of learning different languages, like Japanese and Swahili. 

If there was a breed of dog that I could be, I would be a Goldendoodle. They are so cute and adorable. I love how they hug and stand up on their legs for attention. Goldendoodles are so precious to me.