Get to Know Our Team

work with dogs team member with three greyhounds


Bucktown Operations Lead

I have had a love for dogs my entire life, and that passion has only grown throughout the years. I want to make an impact on the lives of owners and their dogs by showing compassion. 

When I’m not working, I spend my time training my two greyhounds. Dog training is something I have had an interest in from childhood and have finally started putting the skills I have to use. Another thing I do in my spare time is volunteer with the rescue Greyhounds Only. 

If I could be any dog breed, it would have to be a Pharaoh Hound. This is a breed of dog I have dreamed of owning my entire life, and also, my personality traits are fairly similar.

work with dogs team member with basenji mix dog


Noble Square Operations Lead

I have always been fascinated by animals and their complex behavior, structure, and impact on the world and humans. Dogs are man’s best friend–and for great reason! Working hand in paw with dogs every day brings me closer to my overall dream in learning and creating bonds with the creatures around us, especially in our every day lives. It is rewarding to expand my knowledge and hopefully leave a positive impact on these pups’ lives as much as they gift mine. 

In my spare time, if I’m not with friends, I LOVE to read webtoons, watch anime, and gaming! I also eat up my days watching analysis/theory videos on my interests and culture related content. Otherwise I am scrolling through memes and cuddling my two cats: Bonabelle and Venari. 

I believe I identify the most with the Fox Terrier! Small, alert, and very playful/goofy in a comfortable setting.

work with dogs team member with bernese mountain dog


Lead Staff Trainer

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved dogs and always will. One reason is because dogs love you unconditionally, no matter what mood you are in, they always come back to you. On top of everything amazing they do, they always somehow find a way to make our lives better. 

Something I’ve always been big on is family time, so when I’m not at work, I’m usually catching up and spending time with them and my pets. 

If I could choose to be any dog breed, I would be a Pitbull because they are misunderstood, so I would like to show people that that’s not how Pitties are. Instead, they are just like any other breed, affectionate, gentle, and very loving. 


Social Media Manager

I’ve always been interested in animals! Originally, I just needed a job to pay for my horses, and I thought doggie daycare would be a fun choice! I never thought that being in the industry would become a passion of mine! 

Outside of work, I ride, train, and compete on morgan horses. I also like hanging out with my two dogs, my horse, my friends, and my family. My other passion is photography, which I do in my spare time. I’ve always had an interest in capturing special moments and making short videos with my friends and animals! 

If I could be a breed of dog, it’s going to be a mutt! I already feel like a mash-up of a bunch of different experiences and lifestyles, so I resonate with the mixed breed pups a lot!


Project Manager

Very early on, I realized I wanted to work with animals. My introduction into the pet industry was as a dog walker where I quickly learned to vicariously live through my client’s pups since I couldn’t have one of my own. Intermittently, I’ve left the pet industry, but I always find myself coming back. Nothing compares to how rewarding working with animals is.

In my spare time, you’ll find me coding and self-teaching different programming languages like Python and JavaScript. My biggest goal is to create projects of my own and for others with the intent to one day find the perfect balance between the pet industry and the tech world!

If I could be any breed of dog, I would be the intelligent, loyal, alert, and watchful German Shepherd. Even though at first I might be a little reserved, I’m extremely loving and protective of those around me. 

work with dogs team member with chihuahua mix


Dog Handler

I decided I wanted to work with dogs because whenever I see a dog it brightens my day and makes me happy. Being a dog owner myself, I know the type of connection that owners have with their pups, and I love being a part of that connection by working at Aeslin. 

The sort of hobbies I enjoy doing in my spare time is singing and drawing. Singing has always been a passion of mine aside from making art. I soon hope to share my voice with the world. 

If I could be any breed of dog, it would definitely be a Siberian Husky. Just like huskies, I am outgoing, loyal, friendly, gentle and alert.

work with dogs team member black lab mix at bucktown


Dog Handler

My entire life I have always owned multiple dogs at one time. Most of my dogs have been rescues that have brought me a lot of joy and happiness. Between making regular food, blanket and newspaper donations to local dog shelters and currently the happy owner of four rescues, I knew I wanted to work with dogs. They are truly awesome! 

Outside of work, I love live music, anything outdoors and hanging with my dogs. 

If I could be any breed of dog, I would be a Cane Corso. I truly feel they are gentle giants that are often misunderstood because of their looks and size.

work with dogs team member with black and white pitty dog


Dog Handler

To be able to work with dogs for a living is absolutely amazing. Dogs have such beautiful spirits and connect with us on so many different avenues of life. The fact that they can empathize with us without a voice is miraculous all in itself. To watch them grow and learn is truly a rewarding experience. Most of all, I love that dogs are resilient. Although some are abused, thrown away, or neglected, when the right person comes into their lives they still know what love is. Dogs are simply amazing!

Outside of work, I am an active member of my church committee. Hosting events while bringing people closer to God is a passion that I live for! I also enjoy writing music, painting/sketching, cooking new and exciting recipes, and have recently begun practicing the tenor saxophone. More than anything, I love to travel! To experience different cultures all around the world has been an absolute blessing! 

If I could be any breed in the world, I’d be an American Pitbull! Pitties are the “underdog” in the dog community. They are judged by appearance and completely misunderstood. With a tough and strong exterior, they are the most caring and lovable dogs that I’ve ever encountered. Pitbulls have a natural zest for life and are undeniably the life of the party!

work with dogs member with lab mix dog


Dog Handler

I chose to work with dogs because I wanted to do work that has a meaningful impact in my community — work that makes a difference in the lives of dogs and owners alike. 

Outside of work, I perform standup comedy, write, and re-watch The Sopranos over and over. On weekends, you can catch me buried in a book or taking a class at The Second City.

I definitely identify most with the Rough Collie because they have large personalities and loads of moxie! They’re quick-witted, spunky, fun and intelligent in equal measure.

work with dogs team member with two brindle dogs


Dog Handler

I decided to work with dogs because animals are my passion. I’ve been in the pet industry for about 10 years. This is more than just a job, it’s a career for me. 

My hobbies outside of work include fishing, going to the zoo and watching horror movies. 

If I could be any dog breed, I would be an Australian shepherd because I am loyal, always eager to learn and hard working.

work with dogs team member with curly haired dog


Dog Handler

I have had dogs my entire life, so I know the comfort they bring us. The best feeling in the world is to come home and be greeted by a dog. They are such big sweet babies that I absolutely adore. When I first learned about Aeslin, I was drawn to Aeslin’s goal and message to always put the dog first, so I wanted to be a part of it. 

When I’m not at Aeslin, I’m a college student. With a busy life, I’m either at school or at home doing homework. Outside of that, I love watching movies and reading books that aren’t required for school! 

If I could be any dog breed, I would be a Cocker Spaniel. They’re incredibly loyal to their pack, affectionate, and love to be around people. They also have long, wavy hair, just like me!

work with dogs team member with frenchie french bulldog dog


Dog Handler

When I got my first dog, I started doing research and learning as much as I could. It got to a point where I just became infatuated with learning about dogs and being around dogs that I wanted to do it professionally. 

My biggest hobby is sewing. I’m currently taking a class on pattern making, and I am slowly trying to make clothes for dogs. So far, I only know how to make collars and leashes! 

I think a breed that really describes me well is a Boxer because I consider myself loyal, timid, and smart. 

work with dogs member with mini doodle dog


Dog Handler

I’ve always loved all animals and dreamed of working with them since I was a little girl. Dogs specifically hold a special place in my heart. I believe that dogs are natural healers and can empathize with us even though they can’t talk to us. Their love is unconditional and having the chance to meet so many new puppers here, at Aeslin, is truly a blessing. I love each and every one as if they were my own. 

When I’m not lovin’ on the dogs at work, I like to go on little adventures with my nephews, I absolutely adore them! 

If I could be any dog breed, it would definitely have to be a Pittie. They are SUPER silly, affectionate, loyal, but tough and strong when they need to be. 


Dog Handler

In Texas, I grew up around all kinds of animals. I’ve had dogs since I was very small and always felt like I had a special bond with each one. Honestly for me, working with animals is more than just work, it’s my favorite part of the day! I finally found my dream job. I mean who wouldn’t want to make a living playing with doggies all day? 

Outside of work, I’m a bit of a nerd. I enjoy playing video games, reading comic books, watching my favorite Youtubers (The GameGrumps), and listening to all kinds of music. I was the youngest drum captain in my high school, so rhythm courses through my veins. I can’t help but tap my foot or fingers when I hear a tune! 

If I could be any breed of dog, it would be an Anatolian Shepherd. Originally, they were bred to protect livestock from bears because they are massive, tough, and strong. Usually not considered a family dog, but it’s easily one of the sweetest, most kind, and gentle giant breeds out there. Even though they can get up to 150lbs, they’ll still have the lapdog mentality and just want pets and love. I feel like this breed resonates with me because I come across as a big, scary dude when you first look at me, but once you talk up to me, you realize I’m just a big teddy bear.