Welcome To Our Big Happy Aeslin Family!!!

Aeslin Pup Hub was created on a deeply rooted passion that pets always come first. We wanted to bring this passion to our neighboring Chicago pet families through our dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and retail services. Everyday, we are raising the standard in pet care. Our services are tailored and designed based on a holistic philosophy that pups need not only physical stimulation through group play but mental stimulation as well. Engaging a pup mentally helps provide a well-rounded structured, routine day of play. When you drop off your pup with us, you will feel a sense of ease as if you were dropping off your pet with a close family member.

Besides our pet services, we continually strive to procure the healthiest, all natural pet supplies in our retail store, so that you can give your pet the quality products they deserve. We are proud to carry several lines of locally made-in Chicago toys, treats and apparel,  which means purchases you make go back into our local Chicago economy. It’s a win-win for our pups and our community.

We will become your pup’s second home. Pets are more than just family. They are symbols of love, companionship, comfort, and empathy to us and those around us. At Aeslin, we continually strive to nourish the pet-to-owner relationship by providing our customers with all the information they need about nutrition, training, and general care, and everything in between. You and your pet are family the moment you walk through our doors. We are a judge free zone. Bring us your thoughts and concerns about your pets, as we live to be a resource to our customers and provide all the information we have learned over the years to give your pet the best chance at happiness and health, which in turn will bring you joy and peace of mind!


Aeslin has risen above the standard dog daycares facilities that are overcrowded and dirty, which leave your pup feeling anxious, overstimulated, and stinky. We want your pup to go home having had a balanced day of physical stimulation through group play and mental stimulation through training cues. As a scheduled learning-centric dog daycare, we limit the number of dogs in each playgroup and pair them by temperament and play style to provide them the safest and most enjoyable experience. There is constant and close supervision of your pup, so you can be confident they are getting all the attention they deserve through training, play, love, pets, and potty breaks.


Our main goal while your pup stays with us overnight is to provide an intimate experience. After their stay, we want your pup to can go home having had a fun-filled, positive and well-balanced experience. Aeslin will become your pup’s home away from home.


Life gets busy, and pups love to get messy messy messy! Our groomers would love to give your pup a good scrub-a-dub in our tub. They will leave your pup with the look they deserve. Then, you get to go home and enjoy a clean and fresh smelling cuddle session with your pup. Regardless if your pup needs to stop in for a quick nail trim or book a full spa day, Aeslin brings you quality grooming services at reasonable prices.

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