Dog Boarding

Based on our dog daycare model of smaller play groups, our overnight boarding services have been customized to provide a smaller and more engaging overnight boarding experience. 

We believe pups do best with a structured day, which is why our boarding pups will partake in daycare activities during the day. At night when it’s time to settle in, each pup is provided a crate to sleep in to give them a cozy area to feel safe in. This helps pups understand it’s sleep time instead of allowing pups to sleep in a crate-less area where some more energetic pups might instigate play which will disrupt the entire group. It’s crucial pups get their beauty sleep. Just like children, if pups don’t get enough sleep, they begin to get fussy, anxious and restless, which is why it’s best for the pup’s mental and physical wellbeing to have a designated sleep area. Since the pups have a set schedule every day, this replicates a pup’s routine at home, which is easier for them to adjust to. 

At the end of the day, your pup will be able to rest their heads on comfy blankets while listening to binaural beats with lavender oil scented air to help them relax and decompress. They will also be treated to a nice frozen treat before bedtime (at no extra charge, included in their stay), so then they can peacefully doze off into sleep. The next morning they will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for more playtime! Your pup will no longer have to be boarded and left in a kennel for 12 to 14 hour a day without any play. Balance is key for the well-being of all pups!

Stay With Us Again

Has your pup stayed with us before? If so, fill out the return boarding form found below to schedule your pup’s next stay.    

Additional Information:


Monday-Friday: 6am-9:30am

Saturday-Sunday: 7am-9:30am


Monday-Friday: 6am-9am*

Saturday-Sunday: 7am-9am*

**Pickups after 9 am, during the week and weekend, incur a full day of Club charge. Pickups after 8 pm during the week and weekend incur a late pick-up charge of $10 per 30 minutes after 8 pm.

No pickups after 9 pm any day of the week. If your pup is not picked up by 9pm, they will be boarded overnight and incur a boarding charge of $65.

You worked hard to house train your pup, so we want to continue to enforce this training during their overnight stay at Aeslin. We do this by taking the pups out on a short walk just like you would when you take your pup out for a potty break. During your pup’s stay, they will go outside three times for potty breaks unless they are under 8-months old in which they will go out upwards of 5 to 6 times a day.

Since we take our pups out on walks for potty breaks, potty accidents inside are minimized. However, if a pup does have an accident inside, we clean it up by spot cleaning and disinfecting the site, unlike other daycares that re-use a dirty mop to clean up multiple spots and “rinse it” in an already dirty bucket. This antiquated way of cleaning harvests bacteria from feces and urine that will be spread all over the floor, the same floor that your pup romps and rolls around on. Sound gross, well it is. Traditional daycares that use this type of “mop-up” cleaning method use high chemical commercial-grade cleaners, so that the cleaning solution they continue to resoak the dirty mop in, neutralizes the urine and feces that that same mop gets rinsed in. Those high chemical cleaners can lead to chemical burns on your pup’s paw pads or other internal health issues.

By spot cleaning, we make sure the general population of our pups remains healthy. Since the floors are constantly being cleaned, you can rest assured that your pups are playing and rolling on a clean surface and that most of all your pups aren’t exposed to harmful cleaning chemicals throughout their day of play.

Our team will engage your pup with an array of training cues that will help build their social skills in Club and expand their horizon of friends outside of Club. We want to ensure that whether your dog is at Aeslin or in your home, they are showing the best version of themselves. We pride ourselves in using positive reinforcement for training through the use of clickers, positive verbal reinforcement, and treats.

Keeping pups entertained throughout the day without the use of toys or chews is hard work. However, we do it to ensure the safety of our pups. Even the nicest pup, might feel the need to guard resources when they are in a group of dogs which is why we have removed anything that might lead to a scuffle from our play groups. Training treats are given directly in the mouth of a pup, so this shows pups to respect another pup when they are receiving a treat and also learn patience for their turn too. Blankets and a frozen chew will be provided at the end of the night for boarding pups, but they are given to each pup in their individual crate. 

Medication can be administered to your pup as directed at no extra cost. 

The following is included in your pup’s stay: full day of daycare, outdoor potty breaks, updates on the app, calming music and aromatherapy at bedtime, frozen peanut butter Kong upon bedtime, medication administration, and meals (food provided by owner).

Reservation Requirements

  • Current Vaccinations (Distemper, Rabies, Parvovirus, Bordetella) 
  • Negative Fecal Exam for Intestinal Parasites (within the last 12 months) 
  • Proof of Current City Registration (only for Chicago Residents-click below to purchase)

To Submit Paper Work: